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very chatty tonight… shawn has this weird russian webcam drive and I have a folder of screenshots of his absurdly elaborate webcam filters and when I miss him I open the folder and look at a pic of him in a cgi movie theater, in a cgi tiananmen square, being painted by a stock photo man in a cgi park… in all kinds of cgi landscapes

I’m in Missouri with my dad & siblings visiting his old friends. All of the people I’ve met are older artists with very loose schedules who live on a farm on a hill and make apple chutney for farmers markets and have a barn studio. When I’m 40 I’d like to be living on a farm with a significant other walking around my property naked and swimming in a pond.

seriously, sorry for the shit talking but you think once you graduate you’re going to suddenly be interested in doing art?? don’t understand their logic

I feel like people in art school who hate it but are too short sighted to figure out that they should be somewhere else need their own patron saint

any other INTP types following?